Science Explorations Summer Camp (Grade 3-8)

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Summer 2022 Camp Registration is now open!

Science Explorations Summer Day Camp are in-person, week-long camps. Campers explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through hands-on and exciting experiments as connected to the Ontario Science Curriculum. Camps are developed and taught by undergraduate/graduate science or engineering students, Teacher Candidates, or Ontario Certified Teachers.

Summer 2022 Schedule

Grade 3 to 4 Camps

STEM Camp: DaVinci Discoverers

Date: July 4-8, 2022 || August 2-5, 2022* || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325, Four-day camps marked with an asterisk (*): $275
Every day is different! Join us for a week of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) where your budding scientist is immersed in different scientific properties and participate to explore the fun, thought-provoking, and interdisciplinary nature of STEM. DaVinci Discoverers curriculum will include learning about:

  • Fireproof Balloons,
  • Human Skeletal System,
  • Circuit Boards, and more!

Animal Kingdom

Date: July 11-15, 2022 || August 8-12, 2022 || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325.00
Join us as we become animal specialists for the week! From bees to bonobos, campers will explore topics in wildlife to veterinary science including Darwin’s journey through the Galapagos Islands, the importance of bees in our everyday lives, how to examine x-rays and more!

STEM Camp: Pioneering Johnsons

Date: July 18-22, 2022 || August 15-19, 2022 || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325
Designed to engage your budding scientist in all areas of science, our programs use many interactive hands-on activities and workshops to cultivate students’ creativity and scientific thinking processes. Pioneering Johnsons curriculum will include learning about:

  • Bottle Rockets,
  • Optical Illusions,
  • Egg Drop Mechanics, and more!

CSI: Camp Scene Investigation

Date: July 25-29, 2022 || August 22-26, 2022 || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325.00
CSI: Camp Scene Investigation focuses on several scientific investigation techniques which campers will utilize in order to solve crimes and piece together clues regarding various cases. They will examine the basics of forensic science through the exploration of blood spatter analysis, human anatomy, paper chromatography, fingerprinting, and much more while developing an understanding of what makes CSI possible, useful, and exciting!

Grade 5 to 6 Camps *Additional Sessions Now Open*

Animals and Veterinary Science * New Session Available*

Date: July 4-8, 2022 || July 25-29, 2022 || August 2-5, 2022* || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325, Four-day camps marked with an asterisk (*): $275
Join us as we take a journey through zoology: the study of animal biology! Campers will delve in the kingdom of Animalia by investigating techniques in veterinary science, exploring animal physiology, and more! From cast modeling to exploring life cycles of different animals, campers will be engaged in all things animal.

Fantastic Flight

Date: July 11-15, 2022 || August 8-12, 2022 || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325.00
Did you know that Hummingbirds can fly almost 2,000km without stopping and Alpine swifts can fly up to six months without landing? Join us in Fantastic Flight as we investigate the properties of flight through an interdisciplinary approach. Campers will explore principles of flight found in nature, discuss technology that has been inspired by these special animal feats, and learn how humans have applied these principles to take flight themselves. From Canadian geese to the Wright brothers, campers will engage in hands-on activities involving flight.

CheMystery: Understanding Chemical Building Blocks

Date: July 18-22, 2022 || August 15-19, 2022 || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325
Learn about the mysteries behind everyday phenomena involving chemistry. Inquiry-based learning will be integral in having students solve the mysteries behind chemical reactions and their resulting effects, as well as the uses and impacts of chemicals on society. Explore a wide variety of topics including pH measurements, how to neutralize stomach acid, invisible ink, and how to distinguish between different chemicals.

International Space Science

Date: July 25-29, 2022 || August 22-26, 2022 || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325.00
Get out of this world and into space with International Space Science! Learn about the various space programs around the world and visit the YorkU research Observatory to observe sunspots through the solar telescope. Campers will design and build their very own international space station and hydraulic Mars Rover to explore the vast regions of space!

Grade 7 to 8 Camps *Additional Sessions Now Open*

Extreme Engineering *New Session Available*

Date: July 4-8, 2022 || August 2-5, 2022* || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325, Four-day camps marked with an asterisk (*): $275
Campers will explore many of the most advanced and interesting machines in the world today, including submarines, oil rigs, carriers, and roller coasters. Through the investigation of some of the largest created human-made machines on Earth, campers will focus on some of the most important physics and engineering concepts through hands-on learning.

Mini-Med School 1.0 *New Sessions Available*

Date: July 4-8, 2022 || July 11-15, 2022 || July 18-22, 2022 || August 8-12, 2022 || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325.00
Try your hand at being a doctor for the week! Through the investigation of techniques related to the medical profession, including cast making, injections, and first aid, campers will be introduced to the many practical and interesting aspects of the medical profession. This camp will explore human anatomy, the many systems of the body, and a wide variety of biological and chemical concepts that will help prepare students who are interested in the field of medicine.

Please note that the Mini-Med School 1.0 camp completes a dissection activity.

Space Science

Date: July 18-22, 2022 || August 15-19, 2022 || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325
In this stellar camp, campers will explore the fantastic vistas of the known universe while learning about space flight, gravitation, stars, planets, and the physics behind the inner workings of the cosmos. Matter, energy, relativity, quantum mechanics and even the search for life will all be investigated through a number of engaging activities including a trip to the York University Observatory!

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Date: July 25-29, 2022 || August 22-26, 2022 || Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm
Course Fee: $325.00
Medicine has the ability to stop, cure or prevent diseases and illnesses. While we use medicine every day to treat our symptoms, the science behind how medications function and how they are designed is not as commonly understood Join us as we learn the four stages involved when medication is taken and explore the different types of medications available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which grade group should my child be registered in?

Due to the academic nature of our programs, we recommend participants register for programs based on the grade they will be entering in September 2022.

What are your COVID-19 policies?

Science Engagement Programs is following York University's COVID-19 guidelines and at this time the Summer COVID-19 policies is not available.For more information about York's health and safety measures, visit Better Together.

As of March 2022, our COVID-19 safety measures for our in-person programming include:

  • daily YU Screening before coming onto campus;
  • proof of COVID-19 vaccination for campers ages 12 and up or applicable medical exemption
  • enhanced cleaning procedures of high-touch areas and camp rooms by York University Facility Services and Camp Staff;
  • conducting experiments and activities outdoors when possible, weather permitting;
  • masks are mandatory at all times while indoors; and
  • social distancing is encouraged at all times.

Where are you located?

Now easily accessible via the TTC York University subway station!

Science Exploration summer camps are located on the York University Keele Campus at Keele and Steeles. Exact room location is provided in the Welcome Package after registration.

Do you offer Before and After Camp Care?

All of our camps are one week in length. Camp runs Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

  4-day weeks 5-day weeks
Before-camp care (8:00am to 9:00am) $25/week $30/week
After-camp care (4:00pm to 5:00pm) $25/week $30/week

What does the daily schedule look like?

A typical day consists of 2 to 4 experiments and activities. There are two 30-minute breaks and one 1-hour lunch for students to use the washrooms, have a snack, and enable camp staff to implement camp room cleaning procedures.

Lunch is not provided, and will be held outdoors picnic-style, weather permitting. We recommend using ice packs for your child's lunch, as we do not have the facilities to refrigerate lunches.

Allergies are an increasing concern, particularly nut allergies. We do implement a nut-safe lunch policy for the safety of our campers. We ask that you pack nut-free lunches for all campers.

Can my child bring electronic devices?

Campers are not permitted to use electronic devices during their time with our program, to avoid distractions that may take away from the experience, and to encourage socialization during break times.

In cases of emergency, Camp Staff will contact a parent/guardian directly. If a device is required for extenuating circumstances, please inform Camp Staff prior to the start of camp to avoid miscommunication.

Campers are allowed to bring items to use during free time (i.e. games, balls, books, etc.), however Science Engagement will not be held responsible for any loss/damage to these items.

Do you offer financial assistance?

We offer Financial Assistance for Science Engagement Programs, when funding is available. For more information, please click on the appropriate links or email

Now accepting applications. Applications will be assessed on a first come, first serve basis, depending on funding availability.

Who is supporting this program?

A proud network member of:

Actua logo.

Actua provides training, resources and support to its national network of members located at universities and colleges across Canada in the delivery of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education outreach programming. Each year, these members engage over 225,000 youth in 500 communities nationwide. Please visit Actua at

What is your refund policy?

Cancellations made 21 calendar days prior to the start of the program are eligible for a full refund, minus a $75 administration fee per child, per course. Refunds will be given upon written notice of cancellation. No refunds will be made after the 21 calendar day deadline. No refunds will be given for days when a participant is absent and missed days cannot be made up.